CAPstone is a one-of-a-kind program that allows professionals to learn best practices and skills with a community of peers to increase value—to your organization and yourself—and heighten performance efficiency.

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Whether it’s a technical skill—such as project management—or a people skill—such as communication styles, earning administrative certificate courses through CAPstone will help you gain confidence and competence, giving you the tools to enhance your performance and help you get the recognition you deserve.

CAPstone is a twice-a-year opportunity for anyone to earn a certificate in one of several areas integral to the administrative profession. You can select either a Core Certificate Course, which focuses on a topic or area fundamental for all administrative professionals, or select a Specialty Certificate Course that aligns with a domain from the CAP Body of Knowledge, helping specialize your skill set as you work toward your career goals.

Format of CAPstone

CAPstone is offered both in-person and virtually; in-person courses are held over 2.5 days in various locations around the country in spring. These in-person events are great for attendees who need to get away to truly focus on learning—with lots of face time with peers and facilitators.

Virtual courses are available over 8 weeks in the fall. These courses are mostly asynchronous, with weekly virtual gatherings with your cohort and course facilitator. The virtual options are great for those who are unable to travel or those who prefer to go at their own pace and space the learning out over time.

Content and outcomes are similar in both offering types, so choose the one that aligns with your learning style. All CAPstone courses are worth 25 recertification points for CAP designees.

Specialty Certificate Courses

OM – Organizational Management
BW – Business Writing
TA – Technology Applications
RM – Records Management
PM – Project Management
MEP – Meeting and Event Planning
HR – Human Resources

Core Certificate Courses

DEI – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
VS – Virtual Support
CS – Communication Styles

CAP (Expert)

The CAP (Expert) is a brand-new option available to CAP designees who earn all seven specialty certificates. Once you earn the BW, HR, MEP, OM, PM, RM, and TA specialties, you’ll be awarded a new CAP, Expert certificate with all specialty certificate seals included. These stackable certificates illustrate a mastery in all 6 domains of the CAP Body of Knowledge and give you the skills to optimize performance and experience success, wherever your career path takes you.

CAPstone 3-Year Schedule

We know pre-planning is key to your professional development. Below is the CAPstone schedule for the next 3 years. Registration opens 8-12 months prior to launch of the course.

S – Specialty Certificate Course

C – Core Certificate Course

I – In-Person

V – Virtual

* New offering



*D&I (diversity & inclusion) [C]
OM [S]
*PM (project management) [S]


RM [S]
HR [S]



PM [S]
TA [ S ]
MEP [ S ]


BW [S]
OM [S]
*CS (communication styles) [C]



HR [S]
BW [S]


PM [S]
OM [S]
VS (Virtual Support) [C]

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help you succeed!

Experience Credit

If you are interested in sitting for the CAP exam but don’t yet have the work experience to be eligible, one certificate course can be used for one year of experience toward the eligibility requirements.